GPS logistics device

Intelligent multifunctional GPS device

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TechSys LTD offers up-to-date GPS /Global Possitoning System/ system solution that provide optimization of working process and business costs to the modern dynamie business.

What is our GPS system?

1. Your vehicle keeps its address position current through the global GPS satellite system.

2. The data for its position are sent through the mobile GPRS network to TechSys LTD's server.

3. You get the real-time position of your vehicle through Internet, located on a road map.

What are your benefits from using our GPS systems?

* Increase of the operating time of each vehicle and driver for the the company by approx two hours per day, which significantly diminishes the mileage of routes for personal needs.
* Decrease of the fuel costs for the vehicles of your car fleet
* Updating of vehicles' routes by real time monitoring of the car fleet enables any transport manager to re-direct the driver and vehicle to a direction, which is different from the predetermined direction.
* Reduction of the time for visiting your cutomers /facilities, etc/ when delivering their orders.
* Savings of telephone conversations concerning the location of vehicls, as the entire car fleet is visualized on a detailed road map directly on the dispatcher's display.
* Drivers' indentification by RFID cards shows you, at the time of movement, which one is on the route; furthermore, you get information about the names of drivers who were driving a particular vehicle of your car fleet for a particular past period.
* Decrease of the risk of malicious damage or improper use of the vehicle of your car fleet.
* Saving time on Waybills.
* Saving time on the Kilometers Traveled Report.
* Excessive speed report.
* Reports on events during driving.
* Creation of regions of vehicle movement.
* Creation of points of interest on a detailed map of Republic of Bulgaria.
* Re-running of routes traveled, with graphic presentation and driving direction.
* Creation of groups and subgroups for vehicles of similar activity.
* Different levels of user access.